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"Follow the Mexican" and "Going for a Chow"


Once again..breakfast, then down the gangplank and on our way to Ensenada, Mexico..(you guessed it..bright and early). It's kind of like walking down the gauntlet...all the Mexicans are out trying to lure us into their shops. It's fun..the Mexicans with their limited English and us, with our limited Spanish. "Follow me..follow the Mexican", "Make my day", "Almost Free, Non-profit"! ..."hey, beautiful ladies (REALLY???? Bad hair day, no makeup, orthopedic shoes...gorgeous?... but , Ok...it's good for a laugh). Whatever prices they offer, you can cut at least in half if not more. We've had our experiences in Mexico before..we know the drill. The show is worth it, though , and interesting to watch. If you show an interest in something, they take it out of the case, weigh it, start punching in numbers, lots of numbers and looking very serious and come up with a price of $135 for some stone you never heard of, but "very rare". The minute we start to walk away, they offer it to you for discount because they didn't realize we were from the cruise ship..$85 (special..for us)! We continue walking away and they ask us how much we want to pay for it...make an offer. We spend our $5, take our "treasure" and leave. That's MEH-HEE-KO!!!!


We head back to the ship for lunch of Mongolian Wok, secure our spot by the pool and once again, work on the tans. We are sitting next to a really nice South African couple who are now Canadian citizens due to the violence in their home country. We tell them that we are so interested in visiting
Africa. They advise us to do so with a tour group. Much safer than independent travel. They tell us stories of the terrible conditions that made them move to Canada (ugly details). A while later, they say "we're going to have a chow" and off they go to eat lunch. Love the expression. Have to share it. It's been about an hour now, our friends return, take one look at us as we lay there on our lounge chairs red as lobsters, and the husband says..."it's happening"! We all laugh. Nice day, good company and its that time again...dinner. Back in our cabin we are, once again, going thru our wardrobe and, of course, deciding on which outfit will do for the evening. We both have suitcases we can barely lift but nothing suitable to wear. The good ole standby...black. We "go to have a chow" and then..it is onto the casino once again. We sit next to a guy who is so drunk (or something), eyes closed, playing the penny slots and miraculously.....winning!!! He was winning so much ...we started keeping track of his credits. He had no clue what he was doing. We lost.....and left.
Go figure!

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