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It's 3 am ...we are wide awake and raring to go. We are jet-lagged. We discuss our options: lay here and twist and turn til daylight, read, or Erica's bright idea-go to the gym (uh...no). I have a meditation app on my iPad..just the ticket for this situation. After trying to get that to work and wasting 10 minutes of our precious time...(thinking there is an issue with the internet), I discover I had the volume off and it was working all along. With her British accent, Samantha, guides us thru the meditation..."close yo oyes, brathe dayply..ain...and out. Now focus on yo brathing and when a thote comes to yo mind...think of a lovely puffy cloud and let it float away....". 20 minutes later..we are totally relaxed.

Off to the San Diego Zoo approximately 20 minutes away. We use Waze as our navigation and she works wonderfully except for a few turns here and there. Somehow we were to take a turn on Zoo road. We took the left at Zoo Place and end up at the Naval Military Center where a nice Naval officer from New York redirected us to the Zoo. Everything is named Zoo. Zoo this, Zoo that. We decide to call that....Zoo-ology. Anyway, the San Diego Zoo is a beautiful one. It is an 1800 acre wildlife preserve, houses and cares for over 3800 animals and is a botanical garden.
We spend the day enjoying the exhibits and as a finale we take the bus tour thru the park. Of course, we are sitting on top of the double decker to absorb some of this California sunshine. During the first two minutes of the tour, the guide's microphone is squeaking like crazy. She gets that adjusted and starts the tour. The bus is full..both levels...packed. Oops..in the first quarter mile a little stop and go and some jerking movements going on. An announcement!..."Hang on folks...something is up with the brakes"..we get that fixed ( so we think) ..the brakes are screeching and the bus is a little jerky. Another announcement: "Don't worry, folks..we will be on our way in a moment". We hear a "clink" and we seem, once again to be on our way. "Ladies and gentlemen..here we are at the hippo exhibit...blah, blah blah..." And now we will make our way over to the giraffes.. We start to pull away from our spot and "CRASH"..we hit a fence and are now stuck diagonally on a downward-facing hill on the narrow road. Okay. This could take awhile. Our guide, Stephanie announces it will just be a moment...so we sit and wait. I mention to Erica that we may be in for another experience...she says" like what?" I reply "like being evacuated from the double decker bus." We laugh. When we boarded we had to go to the second floor if we wanted to sit "on top". There is no ladder or steps. This could be interesting. About 10 minutes later " Robby " comes to get Stephanie out of the pickle she isin and becomes our new driver as well. "Bye-bye.. Stephanie!! Thanks for the memories!! " Robby sails thru the park with the greatest of ease, talks as fast as a machine-gun and we barely understand a word he says. Well..that was fun and concludes our day at the Zoo! That's Zoo-ology!

Seaport Village is our next stop on the agenda and also on our way back to the hotel. Definitely a nice place to visit. Browsed the shops, walked along the Embarcadero, the promenade along the water. Enjoyed two ice cream cones which cost $20 . Everything is overpriced here. Stopped at a great Mexican restaurant called Puesto Street Food..we start with mango Margarita , chips, salsa and guacamole. London broil tacos with crispy grilled cheese, avocado, jalapeño and spicy pistacio sauce, Chicken Pastore taco with crispy grilled cheese, chipotle pineapple avocado, Chicken Verde with crispy melted cheese, tomatillo, caramelized onion, jalapeño, tomatillo, avocado, Carnitas, crispy melted cheese, braised pork with tomatillo and avocado and a Raja Veg, crispy melted cheese chile, pablano, corn, oyster mushrooms and avocado....can you say DELISH!!!! We are totally stuffed. So much for watching calories. Our waiter was the best and we loved his beautiful teeth ..so we gave him a beautiful tip.

Missed our turn into the resort on the way home and took a quick little detour to another part of town. (Did the Margarita have something to do with that?). What is your guess?

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