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Cuba Libre - Paparazzi

Day Eight


This is our last day in Cuba ( for this trip anyway). My plan is to make the most of it and enjoy every last minute. Our tour takes us to Ciudad Libertad to learn about the literacy campaign. At Che Guevara's request Fidel Castro's government sent literacy groups out into the countryside to construct schoolrooms, train instructors and teach the peasants to read and write. This was a year-long effort to end illiteracy in Cuba. It was dubbed "The Year of Education"; another slogan is "Freedom Through a Pencil". Instructors, young (some 7 & 8 years old) and old would work in the fields by day, then in the evening were given lanterns to go into the mountains to teach the peasants to read and write. The campaign was a remarkable success. By the end of the program, 707,212 adults were taught to read and write....in one year. Huge pencils were carried in a parade to symbolize the success. " Maestra" is a wonderful film about the literacy campaign in Cuba in 1961, if you have an interest in learning more about it. Inside the museum are books and photos of the instructors and peasants, as well as, the lanterns they used at night to make their way into the mountains. Where there is a will, there is a way...what an amazing accomplishment! What's it called again? The Cuban Solution! Looks to me like Fidel and Che had some pretty good ideas.

I inform my beloved that we are now going to Casa Fuster. He says " oh good...I'm hungry!" I explain to him that this is an unbelievable art project resembling the work of Gaudi. "Who's Goucho?" , he asks. As we drive up to the entrance, he says "Ooooh, Cuban Disneyland!" It is just too funny. ANYWAY, it does kind of look like Disneyland, as a matter of fact. Very colorful tiles adorn everything, the house, the pool, the stairs, the water tank, the terrace..Ev-ri-thing!! And it's spreading down the street, the electric poles, Dr.'s office, neighbors fences..you name it..its tiled. Before we are even off the bus, every single one of us has our camera ready and the moment we hit the pavement... it's like the paparazzi has arrived! Look out! Here we come! We cannot take enough photos! On the way back to the hotel I ask Rick, "So, what do you think? Wasn't that amazing!?!" His reply: "holy crap, I think I'm blind!".

Grey skies overhead, but, I have one last "must" on my list and that is to take a walk on the Malecon. This is a stretch of coastline with a famous seaside walkway. Down to El Malecon for some photos ..a perfect end to a perfect trip. I had many questions before I arrived here but I have many more now. I love you and will miss you, Cuba...I hope to pass this way again!

Adios mi Amiga!

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