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Let's Split

....and also visit Zadar


We are driving down the dramatic Adriatic Coast today to Split. Beautiful! We are stopping in an old historic town called Zadar which is highlighted by the ruins of a Roman forum, medieval churches, and quality museums. It also has a wonderful picturesque seafront. We are visiting a fishing town called Senj. It's is known as the windiest town in Croatia. Alfred Hitchcock and Kim Novack were in a movie that was filmed here called "Vertigo". It's also known for the most beautiful sunset in the whole world. I fell in love with the most unique musical instrument in the world...the Sea Organ. It is a set of pipes layed strategically under the promenade and the promenade steps are where the crashing waves of sea water send air through these pipes and the notes come through the small holes in the promenade. It's beautiful. I could have stayed and listened for hours while sitting on those steps watching the sea.


Here are some more facts :

The economy is still very bad after the war because of poor leadership. 50% of the people work for the state, there are no investments, no new businesses because of taxes. The beurocracy prevents development and advancement. If an employee earns $1000, the business must pay another $1000 to the state. There is also a 25% food tax. Crime is reserved for the highest level of society which has created a situation where only 21% of the people voted in the last election. They have lost their motivation, they have no interest at all and they've given up. This is not about religion, race or where people are from, it is obvious that their leadership operates ONLY to achieve their own goals. Sadly, the politics here are quite bad.

Marijuana is legal here. You can own it, you cannot sell it.

There is no drug problem-no cocaine, no heroine because this country prosecutes.

They do not use Euros in their country. They are loyal to their own currency. If something happens to the Euro, the Kuna remains stable.

The Adriatic coastline is 1100 miles long and is rich with fish...grouper, breed, shark, swordfish and octopus. It is the cleanest of seas. Because the current runs counterclockwise, it sweeps all the garbage to Venice...(which they're not happy about..can't blame them)!

And to our surprise...we hear another sea organ!!! How awesome!

Another seaside town, Split has a scenic waterfront and an historic inner city built around the 4th century Diocletian Palace. It is the largest and best preserved antique palace in the world built for Emperor Diocletian. This emperor was the craziest, cruelest and most vicious Emperor. He was born in a small village nearby the village of Split. He was intelligent, persistent and a very good soldier... so good a soldier that he became the emperor of the Roman Empire....but he was not Roman. He loved killing Roman Catholics. 15,000 Catholics lost their lives under his rule. He even killed his own daughter because she believed in God. The palace is amazing and here is a fun fact ...several Game of Thrones scenes were filmed here!


After the tour of the Palace, we walk the promenade and boy is it windy. It's called the Bura wind along the Adriatic Sea. We tuck into a cafe for a latte and cappucino after a stroll through the local market where we made a few purchases. Candied lemon and orange peel, roasted hazelnuts, and some sugar-coated almonds. The girl was so nice she even gave us a package of dried figs (each) as a gift for purchasing from her. P1250340.JPGP1250338.JPGP1250336.JPGP1250339.JPGP1250355.JPGP1250351.JPGP1250348.JPGP1250356.JPGP1250357.JPGP1250360.JPG

As we continue our drive with the Adriatic on one side and the Dineric Alps on the other, Josip, our tour guide, enlightens us further as we move inland to the Croatian hinterland about the tribes and wars that took place in this region. Between the Illarians, Roman and Ottoman empires...well, it gets ugly...not to mention confusing.


Josip, our guide, all of a sudden tells us that he has a big surprise for us. We are having a dinner in a small fishing village complete with wine and beer AND local entertainment. The food is delicious, octopus salad, breem, potatoes, salad and dessert. There is an accordion player and a guitarist. They play some Croatian music, some old and new tunes and we sing and dance and have a blast! ...A great beginning to our Croatian vacation!


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