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The gorgeous blues of the water compliments the blues of the sky, puffy clouds in different shades of white with soaring mountains as a backdrop...Opatija a seaside town on the Adriatic coast of Croatia...one word...relaxation. We've arrived and settled in and are up for a walk along the "Lungo Mare" ...the seafront by our hotel where we can take in the beautiful views.....obviously, I'm a dreamer! This was what I was hoping was the highlight of the day. We HAVE arrived but it is 9:00 pm and it's been a veerry looong day.

The day progressed like this...we got to the airport, check-in was smooth as silk and we were early (it's a Swiss thing). We browsed the duty free shops and ate a nice dinner at The Palm restaurant... at the airport. We found our gate and went to wait to board our plane. A gentleman about 5'2 resembling a cross between Mr. Magoo and Inspector Gadget comes and sits next to us and asks.." what time do we board?" He's wearing khakis and a shirt to match, along with a back belt with suspenders, a velcro pouch hanging around his neck, a hat with a big patch of Velcro on the front of it, earphones hanging around his neck, and a small purple flashlight swinging from his shirt. We tell him the boarding time and from then on he chatted nonstop. We found out he's travelling to India, he is a Viet Nam vet, worked for D.O.D, was a technical engineer, worked on a project for the FBI and did a variety of other things, is divorced, his wife hates him, his kids love him and he has a new girlfriend that he's hoping will work out. Oh...and he's a scientist who has a laboratory in his house. He invents insecticides that kills roaches, ants, spiders, etc. This really caught my sisters attention. She was right into this conversation...."what about stink bugs?" she asks. "You just can't get rid of them!" Oh yes, he said, "my insecticide will take care of those." Well, the stink bug conversation went on a little longer. He said his eyes are bad, he thought the flight was 9:20 am and was here at JFK since 9:00 am this morning after travelling from Las Vegas to California to New York. He chatted on and on about everything. I am sitting in between my sister and this man and keep twisting myself around to look at him when he speaks. My neck is starting to get stiff. Suddenly they announce that our flight is boarding. Without another word, he jumps up, grabs his carry-on and takes off....fast. Never even said goodbye! And we never saw him again.

Now we board. We settle in and we start hearing the guy behind us starting to cough. And cough. Actually, that's putting it mildly. He's hacking and coughing,....and now his wife starts. Same thing. Erica and I started loading up on Vitamin C before the trip to hopefully fend off anything we could catch while flying overseas in a sealed capsule full of germs. We start hearing a few more people coughing like that throughout the flight. All we could think of was the germs in that plane. Yuck! Well, this will definitely put those vitamins to the test!! Seven hours and 40 minutes later we arrive in Zurich, make it to our gate and patiently wait for our flight. Gate change!...off to the new gate!....and sit and wait once again. "Three times a charm" they say..now the board says flight delayed! Almost 1 hr and gate change as well. The rest goes pretty smooth but the driver who is picking us up in Venice says that the airport was closed down the whole morning due to fog so nothing was coming in or going out and now that the fog has lifted ...all flights are landing at same time so there is a bit of confusion... but after a long drive, we are here! Safe and sound. So I guess we'll see that gorgeous blue water that compliments the blue, puffy clouds in different shades of white with soaring mountains in the backdrop....tomorrow.

Signing off for tonight..

Linda (and Erica a.k.a. The Travelling Giraffe)...Sweet dreams!!

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