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Two Fair Ladies

Woodstock-New Paltz Craft Fair

sunny 75 °F

It's a beautiful Monday on Labor Day weekend and Jane (BFF) and I are off to the fair...not the Scarborough Fair but the Woodstock-New Paltz Art and Craft Fair. We meet at the Park &Ride in Saugerties and catch up on life as we ride down to the fairgrounds.


Once there and through the gates, we are off and running....making our way thru the tents admiring all the beautiful creations. We stop and try on a few "jewels". There are different methods of shopping when at a craft fair. Some people purchase as they go; if they see something they like..they buy it then and there. Others, meander through the tents, mark the program with their favorite booths, have a bite to eat and backtrack thru the tents to pick up their desired pieces. Then ... there are people like us...(people with a plan) we browse, try on, get our thoughts together as we make our way through....try to justify the desired items (do we really need this, will we really wear this, does this really look good on us...blah, blah blah...) trying to be very selective and trying not to buy ... on impulse. So, we make it through the first tent, purchase nothing although I did see a possible ring we may need to go back for...but, we will see..miles to go yet...we are being very selective. We check out the Adirondack chair and a cool chair made out of skis....when, out of nowhere... the maker of the chair nabs us and insists we have a seat and listen to his 5 minute spiel. He compliments us on how nice we look in his chairs. We could be models, he said. Hmmm...we will give that some thought! There is something about craft fairs that I love....you're always told how great you look, how wonderful the item looks on you...and ... how the very piece you're looking at... is made for you. We thank him for the five minute break and hit the next tent.


As we make our way through this tent admiring the different pottery, furniture and jewelry, we suddenly mosey into a booth selling scarves. We notice a scarf that looks exactly like one we bought on the Cape. As we are talking, BAM!....we meet Barbara Bass, scarf maker and sales woman extraordinaire. She's been eavesdropping and hears us comment about the scarf ..."it may look like my scarf...people tell me that all the time...but it's not the same...mine is better." (Of course it is). "Let me tell you why!!" she says. "I hand make them and I have the wool specially made for me in Italy. See these hairs on here...(as she caresses the scarf)....this is specially made. She points to me, (like right in my face) and says.".... Look how beautiful you are...and you're going to look even more beautiful when I get done with you" (wow, she's working it).


Jane starts laughing as Barbara Bass (whose character reminds me of Joan Rivers) pulls me by the arm toward a mirror, (keep in mind it is about 75 degrees outside, I'm walking thru a tent, packed with people and Barbara Bass is wrapping a wool scarf around my neck with fur on it! Jane is hysterical. Barbara walks over to her and says, "don't laugh...you're next...and your going to be even more unbelievable than her." Hey, wait a minute...,?! Huh?! What?! She starts telling us about how fabulous these colors look on us with the hair, the eyes, etc., she's flinging these scarves over our heads and giving us tips how to wrap them and button them with the hidden button, how to hide the neck issues (excuse me?) and just how beautiful we look. Then she whips out one with ostrich feathers and shows us all the colors they come in...and..as the grand finale of closing the deal (has she read Trumps book?)..she adds.."if you buy one..you get a free gift!" Wait...what? Free? Gift? So here is where our plan ends up in the crapper...all the talk about being selective, justifying the need, justifying when and where we will wear ithese furry scarves....(out the freaking window!) and why, you ask? Remember the little words free and gift? Was that what did it? Or do we really need a scarf with fur and feathers because we have lots of places to wear it to? Then she tells us how she loves us (how could she not) " I love you girls" were her exact words and...get this..we told her we love her too! And so...we bought the scarves. Ain't love grand! I now own a scarf with ostrich feathers and Jane owns one with fur! And the free gift? We have a choice of a pocket mirror or clips that say "crap" on them. We both chose the pocket mirror...have a look:


Ok..that was a blast..meeting Barbara Bass was worth it in itself. We continue thru the fairgrounds, treat ourselves to another "must have" or two and realize we are ready for a break.


After a quick nap...


....we decide to leave the fair and head into the town of New Paltz to find a bite to eat. We noticed a field of beautiful sunflowers when we drove in this morning so we stop on the side of the road for a photo op:


We stroll through the antique stores, cheese mongers, boutiques and make our way to the Parish for lunch. The grain fed burger and salad were just what we needed to recharge.


It was a fun, lively and very colorful day! Oh yeah...did I mention "warm"!

If you're in the market for a scarf with fur or ostrich feathers, you will be in for a treat when you meet Barbara..www.barbarabass.com
and don't forget your free gift!

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