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Cuba Libre - The Cuban Solution

Day Five


The sights we see on the way to our destinations are as exciting for me as everything else is. Today we are taking a scenic drive as we head to the historic Bay of Pigs Museum in Playa Giron. What I love...and one of the reasons I love to travel is to discover the color of the country and the beauty of the people in their everyday lives.

One moment, I am taking in the scenery and snapping photos of sugar cane fields, lush tropical palms, beautiful mountain ranges .....and the next, gorgeous, crystal- clear blue waters and white sandy beaches. As we drive along, we come upon a straight, long, approximately 5 ft by 1000 ft path of yellow "something" on the road. We start to drive around it, when suddenly Nilda says: " oh yes...this yellow stuff you see on the hot ground, in the hot sun is the way we dry our corn here in Cuba. We also do this with beans." This is a way of life for her, just another day ...something that is very common for her but something interesting that we almost passed by; I notice it right away, as does the rest of the group...and all curious as to what this is. This is what I'm talking about when I say discovering the color of the country...and, the beauty of the people. Where there is a will, there is a way..in Cuba it is called the "Cuban Solution." In other words, they make it work..whatever it is. They are resourceful.


Situated on Cuba's southern coast is Cienaga de Zapata National Park. This is one of the finest bird watching areas in the world. Greeted with a ....you guessed it...Cuba Libre...our expert (one of the park's naturalists) tells us all about the park, the wildlife and the area. This park is similar to the Everglades National Park in Florida. Before the revolution this was the poorest region in Cuba. Now, there are a few B&B's and restaurants, very rustic, but operating, some better than others. As luck would have it...our nature expert is also our host for lunch in his B&B and restaurant...once again..the "Cuban Solution".

The meal is delicious and plentiful and highlighted with details from the owner about owning and operating a business here in Cuba.. Honest accurate record keeping is a must. Castro has people frequenting businesses at various times, unbeknownst to the owners and if something were omitted from the records..well...can you say: PROBLEMO!


The Bay of Pigs began when a CIA- financed and trained group of Cuban refugees lands in Cuba and attempts to bring down the communist government of Fidel Castro. The attack failed. The museum is small with two rooms of photographs and personal items of those who died in the attack. On the way out of Playa Giron, there are roadside memorials where each defender died. The memorials are well-tended and cared for. As Nilda tells us the Cuban interpretation of this attack, I can feel the pride she has for her people in having stood up for her homeland. This museum is another must when you visit. I've become so immersed in Cuban history, I feel as though I am living it...and in a way..I am.


Havana, Cuba's capital and the city we have all been waiting to see....Old Havava, The Malecon, Hotel National ...oh yes...and the colorful vintage cars...our next stop! I cannot wait!

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