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Beach day!


Finally, a much longed for and much-needed beach day. The sun is out and calling my name! Actually, the sea is quite restless today. Lots of waves, high tide for a good part of the morning and very breezy. We figure that it's probably a really good day to lay in the sun since we won't feel the intensity of it with the ocean breezes cooling us off.

As I lay here enjoying the sound of the ocean and the warm sun, I think about all the things I've done and seen this week. All the little towns we've passed thru and visited, from Sandwich, Wellfleet, Chatham and Provincetown to Martha's Vineyard....Vineyard Haven, Oak Bluffs and Edgartown. All quaint little villages, all unique, all a bit different but all are special to us.

On the sun deck lie two bathing beauties: Jane and I. The rest of the group is on the porch or inside telling stories. We start by aligning our chairs directly in the position of the sun for that perfect, even tan, face up and start reminiscing about our week so far. We slather on the sun screen and are contemplating getting into those rough waters. Jane gives it a try but just gets wet and comes right up. Back to working on the tanning while we wait for the tide to go out. She waits, then gives it another try. The waves are dumping her out of her floatation device. Suddenly there is yelling from the porch! " get outta da water, are you freaking nuts? The waves are gonna smash you all ova da rocks, then you'll be all ova da freaking paper!!!" , screams Dennis with his New York accent. "Thanks, Dad" whispers Jane under her breath. Back to the lounge chair for Jane. Time to tan the flip side. Again, the slathering of sunscreen is another process but a necessary evil. Arms, legs, face-all get a good amount of the summery-scented sun protection. I love the smell of sun screen. The fragrance is like a key that unlocks memories for me. The chairs are moved once again.


The talking doesn't stop. We are now talking diets and I'm impersonating Janes actions and statements from our shopping excusions earlier this week. I get on a roll and we are laughing like two hyenas. Jane lost some weight this year and looks marvelous. She's been working out at the gym and has a wonderful trainer who has been her motivating force. Her name is Mary. Jane informs us that Mary said..."it's my digestion, don't eat gluten, you can't have dairy...and on..and on. These announcements are made several times per day all week long. Jane intends to lose a bit more weight. This continues for a while until we decide that the time has come for us and our floaties to jump in the water. We run down the steps and work our way out to sea. The waves carry us back in. We are laughing and having fun. All hands on deck...apparantly two professionals in fun water activities, a photographer, and Bevie laughing hysterically are on the porch overlooking two "children" playing in the water. Our two fun water activity professionals are frantically pointing and waving for us to move away from the sand barges. We can't hear them due to the sounds the wind is making and those of the crashing waves. They continue to signal us when finally we understand the signals. Jane gets dumped a few times and during her last tipover, the wind carries her floatation device to shore and starts blowing it down the beach. It's going on an adventure of its own...looks like it's heading for Truro..another quaint little town. Jane is running as fast as she can in the water and sand...with her arthritic feet...that "feel like boards". The crew is yelling at the top of their lungs informing Jane that it's blowing down the beach...which she clearly sees...but thanks for the update! Dougie is filming the whole scene and Bevie is still laughing. I'm watching and floating..(I would lend a hand...but.l am too far away from the whole situation to be of any help) and I decide to stay put. Jane gathers up her float and we both head back to the deck for a rest and a little more sun.

We decide to go to Sage for Tapas and cocktails. I have been looking forward to this treat all year. Jo discovered this restaurant last year AND she also discovered this luscious cocktail called The Spicy Thai Martini. Unfortunately, some of the infused ingredients are made by hand and need to be prepared a few days in advance. It is no longer on the menu but we can call a week in advance next year and are told they will prepare it for us. That definitely sounds like a plan. We each decide to try a new drink ..Lily Coy and Joy is my choice which is Clementine Vodka, Cardamom Infused Brandy, passion Fruit Juice and fig and Solara Cream. Jo tried The Hot Box, resposada Tequilla, Amaretto, Burnt Grapefruit, Ghost Chili Reduction, Pineapple Juice and Mole Bitters ...actually served in a hot box. Bevie likes her Cosmos and Jane enjoys a Pinot Noir. Second round Jo and I decide to try two different concoctions... Raspberry Vodka Cosmo with Orange is Jo's choice and I go with one called Herbs of a Feather Martini, Grey Goose L'orange, Cointreau, Canton, YuZu, Thyme Simple Syrup, Ginger and Asian Five Spice Bitters. Delish! Tapas are ordered as well, Eggplant Fries with. Smoked Aioli, Lobster Flatbread and a Swordfish with Kale. We have some laughs and its Ptown time. We stroll for a while, meet up the the guys and stop at The Purple Feather for a sweet fix.


Back at the house, a little downtime with friends and the end of another wonderful Cape Cod Day!


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