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a girls day trip plus one....


Sunrise on the porch with a cup of coffee..."heavenly"!


Jane and I prepare a little breakfast buffet....delish!


A quick trip to Wellfleet ...Mariann, Jo, Janie, me and...Ricky. We browse a bit and stop at Jam's for staples. Mariann treats us to sandwiches for lunch, back to the porch and into P-town on our last night for a walk on McMillan's Pier...


"Time flies when you're having fun"....we did have fun...can't wait until next year!!!

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A visit to the Harbor...and a new scarf


It's a Cape Cod day and a beautiful day for a ride to Chatham. This year we add the Harbor to our list of sites on tour. Jo, familiar with the area directs us right to the Harbormaster's quarters....


Into town we go for a wonderful lunch at the Impudent Oyster (air conditioning included). Today is another HHH (hazy, hot and humid) day so the air conditioning is very welcomed.


We browse in and out of the shops then head back to the house so we can meet Jo's childhood friend, MaryAnn. MaryAnne is a beach girl and loves to soak it all in while relaxing in the sun...our kind of girl.


The DN Convention is on and most of the group opts to stay in this evening...and you guessed it...Jane and I head into town.


Jane saw a scarf a few days ago in one of the shops that she wants to check out again...we start fiddling around with it , trying it on in different ways and quite animated about it, apparently, that two other women start commenting on how cute they look. We are having a hard time deciding on which color scheme to choose. Another woman joins the fun and, well, Jane and I walk out with our "lovely" scarves and possibly convince the other woman on one as well. Jane wears hers right out of the store....Further down the road in front of the town hall Rick spots us. We snap a few shots of a painting of a bird in an art gallery and then head for the bus stop.


A few of the girls out tonight:


Tonight Rick and I are staying at the Breakwater for the next two nights before heading home. I'll be back in the morning for a coffee and some early morning photos from the porch.

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Gale Force Winds

Biking thru the dunes...


What do you call the sound the air makes as you are whizzing down a hill on a bicycle? .....Answer: Gale Force Wind. This is a great morning for our bike ride thru the dunes. Jo, Jane and I hop into punch buggie and Dennis drives to town to drop us off at Gale Force Bike Rentals to rent the bikes for our day of fun. We did come out early for this fitness excursion (thank goodness) because today is REALLY humid, hot and hazy. Off we go up and down the hills, to the Visitor's Center thru the Beech Forest and back....8 miles.


Jo's right of passage (now eligiable for her National Parks Pass):


Our "chauffeur" and Dougie pick us up and we are home in minutes. Jane hits the sun deck and dips into "the lake". The rest of us..on the porch...enjoying Jo's photos from her Tuscany trip and the beautiful Villa she rented complete with the stories from her trip to Italy, laughing with Dougie about a Bevie story and just relaxing and enjoying the view from the porch... and each other's company. One (of many) funny Bevie stories...(I will get to this later)...


Time passes and before we know it...time for our walk into town...


and....as I promised:

( as told to me by Doug)

Bevie and Doug were flying home from "somewhere" and had 2 different airline tickets...one in coach (Dougie) and one in First Class (Bevie). They have been married for a little over 10 years. Squeezed in the middle of a window and aisle seat is Dougie while Beverly is lounging next to some handsome rich guy with a yacht in First Class... sipping wine. The plane lands and Dougie starts to empty the overhead compartments of several of Beverly's carry-on bags. As he makes his way thru the plane carrying all of the bags he looks for Beverly ....she is far in the distance walking with "Mr. Yacht"....we will call him Gary. Dougie finally catches up with them and Beverly says..."Gary, this is my friend Doug"! ... Rick thought Doug should have inquired where on the yacht Gary wanted him to carry the luggage as well as his WIFE!

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Here comes the sun...

Photo essay


Eyes wide open at 5:00 a.m. I'm up, on the porch, camera and coffee in hand. The sun is gently rising in the East as the world gently wakes. The stillness and peacefuleness....so relaxing. I enjoy watching the colors change on the water and feeling the warmth on my skin as the sun rises higher. A few birds are floating on the water and of course, the lighthouse ...always an interesting subject.. .and you guessed it...photo ops galore. See for yourself....


Jane joins me on the porch, Ricky comes out next and slowly the rest of the house rises ....the day begins. After breakfast Jane, Jo and I take a walk on the beach and decide to make this a beach day. This is a day to work on our tans, take a dip in the water and just relax. Lunch, a little wine, a walk into PTown completes a wonderful day....


Oh yes, and the DN convention :


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Map of my heart

Cape Cod


Destination: Provincetown.


It's that time of year again for some sun and fun on Cape Cod. It's been a strange and hectic year so far and we haven't had any time off since that awesome trip to Africa in March. ...so ...we are due some much needed R & R . A wedding reception and an extra day of work prevents us from leaving the day early that is typical for this yearly trip so we leave at the crack of dawn on Sunday morning. A smooth 3 hr. 15 minute drive and we are over the bridges and on the Cape...smoothest ride we've ever had to these parts. Coming out on Sunday feels a bit different...much quieter, not all stores are open, no yard sales, not many people milling about. This has also been a dry season, weatherwise, so those gorgeous hydraengas that I enjoy seeing on the ride to PTown...already spent. Barely any blooms to enjoy. Oh well, it makes me appreciate them even more. You know what they say..."absence makes the heart grow fonder". We make our usual stops and arrive at the house @ 2 o'clock. Dougie is home, the rest of the group went to Wellfleet for the day. After some catching up and some belly laughs (already)..in walks the Jane and Denny, Jo and Bevie. The party has started. The Cosmos and wine are served and on the porch we gather once again to catch up on our lives, reminisce and laugh. Rick and Dougie have fun with some music trivia...John Williams, John Wayne, sign language as a result of a hearing deficit, etc. Nothing has changed here...


Jo opts for a night in-house, the rest of us...all in for a walk to PTown. Beautiful photo ops on the way in, the old familiar sites in town (some old, some new), Rick and Dougie - amongst the missing, a bus ride back to the house ( with a senior citizen discount for all of us...you have to be 58 years old to get this big break) and back on the porch (Rick and Dougie found) for more laughs. This group, this place...marks a definite spot on my heart.


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