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Writing in Provincetown


Today is the last sunrise (for this year) on the porch with my cup of coffee. Camera at the ready for that perfect capture..I aim, focus....and take a few more photos. As I gaze out on the bay looking for seals or any other sign of life, I sit in anticipation and wonder what my first writing class will be like! I'm excited and wonder how and why I'm so fortunate to have this opportunity. I don't think I'll learn the answer to why today but, needless to stay, I'm very grateful. We bid "adieu" to Marianne who is heading to visit another friend today in Centerville. Susan, Eugene and the "dynamic duo" are also leaving this morning and Jo will head for home this evening after dinner.


The time has come to make my way to class. Rick decides to drive me and once we arrive he decides to sit in on the class. There are eight of us today. Hilde Oleson is leading the class. We start off with a meditation to center ourselves and bring our thoughts into focus. The class is working on writing about three stones. Each has a meaning and one needs to focus and become one with the stone. It's a process and helps develop your thoughts and feelings when pen meets paper. Last weeks class was to write about a family member...a blood relative. Each author read their piece. Each piece was unique and wonderful and had its own style. I loved them all and am still absorbing bits and pieces that affected me today. This feeling of absorption will continue about these bits and pieces, these people will be part of me as I continue on my path...why? I'm not sure right now...but I've been touched...by all here today. I shared a blog that I wrote several years ago about when I was in Cuba. I got some feedback and learned a few things....one of them being an important rule..."don't apologize"! Hmmmm...this applies in my life in more ways than just pertaining to writing. I'll need to think about this. I believe I was meant to be here today....here again, I ask...why?

I ask Hilde about her book and she says if I drive her home I can purchase one there. Deal! She signs it for me and tells me how she came to be in Provincetown! What an interesting story she has to tell! What life she has and it is so wonderful that she's willing to share it. Thank you Hilde and everyone in class today. ! You've inspired me.

By the way...did I mention the name of Hildes book? It's title "Why?"(Hilde Oleson)

Back at the house Jane, Jo, Dennis and I decide to walk the jetty. Correction...Dennis drives us to the jetty...and the three of us girls ...actually walk it. A drive through town so we can try to freeze time with our photos....(to help us make it through our New York winters), then make our way back to the house to begin the packing up, cleaning up and getting ready for the ride home early tomorrow morning.


We all enjoy the "last supper" at Napi's (for this year)...take our walk through town and then head for home.....


....'til next year, P-town!

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The sound of laughter and chatter drifts into the house from the porch this morning. The "staff" from the "cafe" arrive again today! It's flap jacks for everyone..blueberries...sans blueberries! The blueberries are from Mariannes family farm in Ipswich and they are GOOD.....my fav...along with the blueberry pie, strawberry jam and the Anadama bread. With an assist from Amazon Alexa (Janes new friend) for timing and music, breakfast turns out extra special!


Meanwhile, outside....the north wind is blowing which means a perfect day to fly a kite. Landry is up for some fun and gets that baby in the air. Dougie..kite flying pro from waaaayyy back...shows her how to send a message to the man on the moon! She's excited! We are also lucky enough to spot seals in the bay....take a look.....


We all have a different agenda again today. Rick and I walk into town to see the Rose Dorothea and attend a craft fair.


We run into Eugene, Denny and Landry who are looking for Airbrush Tattoo. We find it and Landry picks a beauty....a rose for a rose!.....and I choose a dragonfly. Check it out.


We decide to return to the house by bus and while we wait we meet a woman, Mary, who is a native here. she's lived here all her life and helps out at the senior center . Rick noticed they are giving a writing class tomorrow at 10:00. Well, sign me up! I ask Mary about it and she says everyone is invited..no experience necessary! Lucky me! I'm looking forward to it...

Everyone is home, cocktails are being served along with some great snacks...goat cheese and olive pesto with some wonderful crackers from Greece, compliments of Marianne, a cheese platter and hummus and chips. Susan and Jane picked up salads, and all sorts of goodies from the local market. Paired with the appropriate beverages, you know...cosmos, wine etc.....its a feast fit for kings and queens!

All of a sudden Denny says, "there's a sunset out there tonight! If anyone wants to go, I'll drive you!" We don't need to be asked twice. Jane, Landry and I are in the car and we arrive at the beach in no time at all. Our lifeguard gets to occupy the lifeguard chair during the sunset! It's a beauty!


Back at the house, Marianne tells us that her niece, Miranda Russell, has a beautiful voice and proceeds to play us recordings of Miranda singing some popular songs...(she is wonderful...what a beautiful voice)!

Miranda Russell...(click on this for a treat!)

.....and to end the day on a perfect note...a walk into Ptown for a little while, a stroll on the Wharf ...

...can't get enough....

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It's a Cape Cod Day

....a beautiful day for anything!


A welcome change in the weather...sunny and warm! This weather brings everyone back out on the porch to start the day which is a great way to wake up in the morning. Pink morning skies, calm blue water, coffee in hand ....good morning! Jane and I wander out to the sandbars...we can walk far out today! What fun!


The "dynamic duo"arrive and breakfast is being served....French toast and fruit for $15. Per person! A bit steep but if you consider the fact that you can get a mani and pedi with that...not a bad deal! Since the restaurant closes early due to it being a beach day and the proprietors have kites to fly and shovels and pails for shell collecting... we are asked to hurry up and pay..."time is money, you know!"


Jane, Susan and kids...on the beach. After Mairianne arrives..she, Eugene Dennis, Bevie... on the porch. Rick and Dougie take a ride to the "flea" and Jo and I take a walk to town. We have a very pleasant walk, the temperature is perfect. We stroll in and browse in and out of the shops, make a few purchases and discover the "Dorothea Rose" on the second floor of the library. A must-see! It's a life size replica of the schooner which was built by volunteers. It took 11 years to complete.


We continue strolling and walk right into another find..the James Frederick Gallery. The work is unique and one piece in particular catches our eyes. It really "speaks" to Jo. It's a beauty! "Jim" moves it around the room so we can get a better look. Depending on where... and the way the light hits it...this piece takes on a different life. We like! Alot! Jo commits- SOLD! \

He's a talented artist...check out his website: jamesfrederickprovincetown.com

Back to the house we go. We are trying out a new restaurant tonight called BLACKFISH. Rave reviews from Jo's friend so ... try it, we must!

We are all in agreement...the food is fabulous!

We will be back....


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The reasons we go to Chatham...photos of the harbor, photos of the hydraengas, photos of the lighthouse and the beach, a stroll through town so Denny can pick up matches from The Chatham Squire restaurant... and lunch at the Impudent Oyster. The town is packed with summer tourists.... more than I've ever seen it. We get very lucky and find a parking spot right on Main Street. Here is a photo tour of our Chatham day this year.


We stop for a few photos- at the shark exhibit in town.


Back at the house...Susan, Eugene, Harper and Landry arrive and "The Mack Gallery" is open for business. Prices are steep but these budding artists have talent. You can "strike a pose" and they will capture it with their markers. It's amazing. They are also the operators of the "Vanilla Pea Cafe" and start running your tab with every request. Can you say "Cha-ching." There's not much you can get for under $10. We explain to these two artists that we need to wait until the end of the week before we purchase any artwork... we will need our meager savings for things..like...you know......FOOD... ....before we start splurging on extras. They tell us that we'll be lucky if there's any art left for us to purchase.


Wine is served and Harper and Landry each enjoy the "Beach Beauty Cocktail" complete with umbrella. We sit, chat and laugh and try to fend off these aggressive businesswomen.....


....for a while, at least....


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Rainy Days and Monday's...

"it's raining, it's pouring....



...the old man is snoring"...we won't let the weather get us down-that's for damn sure. A quiet morning sitting around watching the fog roll in over the lighthouse and the boats in the bay. One minute you see them, the next..you don't. It's a tough day for our photography but we make an attempt anyway. No great shots but...always worth a try. No talent required...just dumb luck.


We all have different plans today...Rick and I are checking out the transfer swap shop on our way to Wellfleet and then taking a drive down Commercial Street through town just to get out of the house for a little while. We walk in and out of a few shops, the rain is coming down steadily and the umbrella isnt helping very much. The temperature is also dropping a bit. We are wet and chilled to the bone. We drive back to P-town and I'm craving a hot cup of soup. Rick suggests we stop at Fannuzi's to check out the menu. We park, head right in and are seated within 10 minutes. I, of course, order the New England clam chowder, Rick orders chicken and chorizo soup and we share a platter of whole belly clams. Yum...hits the spot!

We drive back to the house, Dennis has the woodstove going which has taken the chill right out of the air. Jane, Denny and Jo rode to the visitors center. Bevie and Doug hit the town and found the card game they were looking for called "Cards Against Humanity. lWe make a cheese and cracker platter and decide play the game. The first few rounds are a bit awkward but once we warm up and follow the the instructions ...(to not take the game seriously)...we start to get the hang of it and get a bit ridiculous. Of course, many of the laughs come from the luck of your hand and how absurd your thinking can be. Bevie likes to count her cards at every hand which adds to the comedy. We had fun and will be playing this game again!


A little politics on TV for those who follow and then it's time to turn in to rest up for more fun tomorrow!


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